Friday, 8 October 2010

karen owen powerpoint presentation

You may view the full list of the Karen Owen PowerPoint Presentation in the slideshow player below. The list has been redacted and faces of those included have been blacked out for their protection. The list has gone viral as it is the documentation of Karen Owen an education beyond sexual exploits while she attended Duke University. The list is shocking to read, but is it any different than the way men talk about their female conquests?

Karen Owen presented her sex list as a thesis and ranked the men she refers to as subjects. Warning! There is graphic content in the PowerPoint Presentation and it is not recommended that minors read the full list.

Each powerpoint slide is presented in a photo, you may view the entire presentation online below.

There has been plenty of controversy regarding Karen Owen PowerPoint Presentation and the way she ranked the men according to their looks, sexual prowess and whether or not they are endowed. Since the list has gone viral, Karen Owen deleted her social networking accounts and is essentially in hiding.

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